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Turquoise and Pearl Dangles

Hammered Sterling Silver, Turquoise, and Dyed Pearl combine to give these earrings plenty of movement and shine. They measure about 2.5" from top to bottom.

Circles and Blue Apatite

Add some shine to your ears with these hammered Sterling Silver and Blue Apatite earrings. They measure 1.75" long and pair well with the Circles jewelry line.

Cornerstone Studs

Sterling Silver, Bronze, and Rhodolite Garnet come together to create these decorative stud earrings.

Coral and Silver Earrings

A bright Coral bead adds a pop of color to these geometric Sterling Silver earrings. They measure 2.25" from hook to base.

Silver Diamonds Earrings

These striking Sterling Silver earrings are delicate, yet make a statement at the same time. All hand-fabricated, they measure 2" from top to bottom.

Hammered Rectangle Studs

Sterling Silver studs for an understated look with a flash of shine.

Two-Tone Ear Triangles

Wear these Sterling Silver and Bronze earrings as ear climbers or let them hang down for a different look!

Hammered Ear Triangles

A textured version of Ear Triangles, same versatility! Solid Sterling Silver and Bronze earrings.

Circles Ear Climbers

A trio of hammered Sterling Silver circles move their way up your ear with these hand-fabricated climbers. Pair them with the Circles Necklace!

Front to Back Earrings

A simple stud in the front, with a hammered drop that sits behind the earlobe. These Sterling Silver beauties are hand-fabricated just for you!

Ear Drops

All Sterling Silver, these raindrop-shaped earrings can be dressed up or down. They measure 2.25" from hook to base.
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