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Ultra-Distressed Ring

This 10mm wide Sterling Silver band has been put through the wringer to give it a completely unique finish. Hand-fabricated and aged to perfection for everyday wear.

size 9.5

Silver Mountainscape Ring

This 11mm wide Sterling Silver band is cast from an original hand-carved wax. Smooth sky rises above a rocky mountain scene to give this seemingly simple band some depth.

various sizes available

Bronze Mountainscape Ring

A cast Bronze version from the same hand-carved wax. Get it in both metals for two great looks!

various sizes available

Rustic Bar Necklace

A textured Bronze bar with a Sterling Silver inlay pattern sits on a Brown Leather cord with Silver hardware. Bar measures just over 2" wide.


Disassembled/ Reassembled Clockwork

Recycled vintage Clockwork has been disassembled and soldered back together in a pleasing design. Featuring the original clockwork gems, this measures about 1.5" tall. On a Black Leather cord with Sterling Silver hardware.

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